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  1. How many tests are available?
    1. 30+ topic wise tests - small timed tests covering all the areas of Aptitude and Technical
    2. 5+ full length tests - covering all the areas of aptitude
    3. 10+ Company Specific tests - 5 tests for each top IT companies like Cognizant, Infosys, Wipro, TCS, HCL etc.
  2. What are Topic wise tests?
    1. Topic wise tests as the name suggests each topic in Aptitude and Technical areas have separate tests. These are small timed tests ie) 15 mins to 30 mins tests.
  3. What are full length tests?
    1. Full length tests are typical complete aptitude tests which covers all the areas of aptitude. These tests are standard 75 questions tests with 25 questions for each section namely, Quantitative, Verbal and Reasoning ability. These are very high standard tests which will give the real reflection of the students' performance.
  4. What are company specific tests?
    1. Each company that hires fresher will have a different selection process and their test also varies depending on their requirement. PlacementSeason.Com tracks all these changes and incorporates into the company specific tests so that the students get the real feel of attending that company's test well in advance.
  5. We already have tie-ups with other training companies and they provide online tests as a part of training?
    1. PlacementSeason.Com provides one stop solution for both technical and aptitude campus recruitment tests.
    2. The college admin can schedule the tests and track the students' performance.
    3. PlacementSeason.Com can be used to measure the training effectiveness from a neutral perspective by conducting a pre and post training test.
    4. Our in-depth analysis can help the students to identify their strengths and weaknesses.
    5. Robust platform which can handle thousands of students concurrently.
  6. What is the validity of these tests?
    1. These tests are valid for one year from the date of purchase.
  7. Can the tests be Re-taken?
    1. No, the tests once taken cannot be taken again. But the test can be viewed forever.
  8. What happens when the test is closed due to power shut down or any unforeseen crashes while taking the test?
    1. Our platform intelligently stores all the data for every 5 minutes by default, hence the test will resume from the point where it last saved and thus there is no worry about the data loss.
  9. Do you provide any additional company specific tests which is not available in PlacementSeason.Com?
    1. Yes, we will upload the latest test of the company requested for with-in a week's time.
  10. How many students can concurrently take the tests?
    1. The platform is programmed to handle thousands of students concurrently, thus it is purely dependent on the internet connectivity at your end.
  11. Do you provide any placements for the registered students?
    1. No, PlacementSeason.Com is purely a practice portal that can help in improving students' aptitude skills; hence we don't provide any Job assistance.
  12. Where is your company located?
    1. Functional office is located in Bangalore; where as registered office is in Tirupur.